A downloadable game for Windows

The Tower was a product of one of the Epic Game Jams. This is an improved playable Demo of the game (Note: This level is not included in the Final Release)


TheTower_Build02.zip 181 MB

Development log


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Hey man, I was wondering if you wanted a soundtrack made for this game? I have some ideas if you're interested in them. let me know! My email is gahrm13@gmail.com

Wow, This plays and looks like it could be a very promising product. Keep up the great work DEVS.

Ah thanks for that mate! I'll hit you up with an updated build with more mechanics as I get them done! BTW, the game is done in Unreal Engine 4 ;)

As promised on Twitter... Light has come to... Hmm.. what's this name of the world? :)


Ah awesome! thanks for the video on the game demo! You know, I really haven't decided on the name of the world haha! I've been focusing on more technical stuff and mechanics in the game. But i'll let you know once more of the game narrative has been nailed.

 Also, the game was developed by 2 of us, myself and Philip Tyrer... I've just been the more active one with the updates at the moment :)

Hey. First, please tell Philip I'm sorry I didn't mention him I just didn't find all the info. I'll definitely rectify that on future videos. I'm glad you like the recording. You know, playing I didn't feel a major lack of narrative, maybe because I thought it was so close to the game jam, I didn't expect it. But yeah, it will be cool to find out who the character is and what's going on in... Nesith? Rogh'Maran? Darklandia? ;) I like brain-storming. 


Yeah, since it was a game jam and that too my 1st time doing a jam without a programmer (both of us are artists) we didn't have a lot of time to add any narrative. We do have a storyline down for the final game. I guess you'll have to wait a bit for that ;)